I'm Sarah and from small coastal town called Queensferry - just a few mile outside Edinburgh.
It's on the waters edge of the Firth of Forth and we are nestled between the three famous bridges.
I adore living here. It's my happy place.

For years, photography was on the 'back burner' as I worked full time around my family and wasn’t until I returned to education, Robert Gordon University, and got my BA Degree in Professional Photography, that I decided to move from hobby to a profession.

3 Years At Uni
2 Awards
1 BA Degree
0 Regrets





I want to capture all those important moments, you know, the key shots like the first kiss, cutting the cake, first shuffle about on the dance-floor but also the moments you dont see, or forget about. Working unobtrusively around your day I get to get take the photographs you perhaps had no idea were even happening. Honest photography. Your day, exactly how it was.  

You put so much effort and thought into planning your big day and my intention is to photograph as much as I can so you can remember every single detail.   

grain is good.  character is good.  sometimes clean cut images don't reflect the warmth and ambience of the wedding and sometimes I keep the grain in.   creates a magical tone to the image.   I also dont like blasting flashes in your faces all day long and much prefer to use natures light and shadow.     

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